We Effectively Fulfill the Needs of the Marine Industry

Shipbuilding and ship repair projects are capital-intensive efforts in which short cycle-times and cost-efficiency are of paramount importance, regardless of whether the customer is a government organization or a commercial ship owner/operator or organisation.

This industry is characterised by low-volume (if not unique), fixed-position-assembly construction contracts, but at lower levels of the work breakdown structure, embodies an integrated system of high-volume manufacturing processes. The complexity of the ship platform itself is further compounded in the case of naval vessels by the concurrent development of the mission payload.

This requires skilled and effective project personnel, which Ruby Brut Inelek is able to source, and management, robust planning and control systems to ensure the on-time and within-budget project execution philosophy.

Our Convenient Location

Convenient Location Aids in Supplying Staffing Demand

Although our head office is situated in Johannesburg we are equipped with a large pool of skills to deal with repairs, upgrades and conversions of marine vessels in the Port of Cape Town South Africa, a convenient location for Marine vessel projects operating between the Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

Ruby Brut Inelek has all the necessary resources to deliver a service that effectively fulfills the marine industry’s needs and requirements as far as staffing is involved.