We Enable our Clients to Reach Project Targets

Civil infrastructure projects are often large-scale investments undertaken to improve the quality of life for entire communities.

Whether it is a new water treatment plant, dam, road, airport or transit system, the delivery of these projects are always under the watchful eye of the public. The ability to ensure civil infrastructure projects are delivered on time and to budget is vital.

With the rapid on-going development of the globe’s developing countries, infrastructures are also driven by the extraction of newly discovered Mineral Deposits. The demand for suitably qualified Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Personnel are at an all-time high. Ruby Brut Inelek understands the concept of our client’s having deadlines and a high degree of disputes, including claims.

We try to minimize the impact that staff turnaround time might have on our Client’s Project Life Cycle by assisting them with matching their requirements and sourcing the most qualified personnel for positions, thus enabling them to reach their project targets.

Infrastructure Projects Include

Road Construction, Bridges (General Civil Engineering), Rapid Rail Construction all over South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda

  • Urban Infrastructure
  • Resource Infrastructure
  • Environmental
  • Coastal & Marine Ports
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Road Works